Monday, April 29, 2024

SB735 the Silver & Gold Bill has passed the MO Senate


 The Missouri Senate today passed Sen. Bill Eigel and Sen. Mike Moon's Constitutional Money Act. SB735 passed 21-10. It now moves to the Missouri House to be considered. The Tenth Amendment Center has the story HERE.

From the article:

"Under the proposed law, gold and silver would be accepted as legal tender and would be receivable in payment of all debts contracted for in the state of Missouri. The state would be required to accept gold and silver for the payment of public debts. Private debts could be settled in gold and silver at the parties’ discretion.

The Director of the Department of Revenue would be tasked with “promulgating rules on the methods of acceptance of specie legal tender as payment for any debt, tax, fee, or obligation owed.”

Practically speaking, this would allow Missourians to use gold or silver as money rather than just as mere investment vehicles. In effect, it would put gold and silver on the same footing as Federal Reserve notes."

And more here, but do read the whole article:

"The United States Constitution states in Article I, Section 10, “No State shall…make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.” Currently, all debts and taxes in Missouri are either paid with Federal Reserve Notes (dollars) authorized as legal tender by Congress or with coins issued by the U.S. Treasury — very few of which have gold or silver in them. Passage of SB735 would allow Missourians to pay state obligations with gold and silver.

The Federal Reserve destroys this constitutional monetary system by creating a monopoly based on its fiat currency. Without the backing of gold or silver, the central bank can easily create money out of thin air. This not only devalues your purchasing power over time; it also allows the federal government to borrow and spend far beyond what would be possible in a sound money system. Without the Fed, the U.S. government wouldn’t be able to maintain all of its unconstitutional wars and programs."

For more information on the Silver and Gold bill go HERE (hours 2 and 3), HERE, and HERE.

The Missouri Freedom Initiative has been working alongside Daniel Diaz of Citizens for Sound Money to pass the Gold and Silver bill.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Missouri Liberty Radio--live at 6 p.m.

 Off The Cuff with Sam Britton

 Sam Britton's entertaining Sunday night radio show, "Off the Cuff," will cover a little bit of Christian County politics tonight, as well as the Silver and Gold bill in the Missouri Legislature. Patrick Holland of the Missouri Freedom Initiative and Daniel Diaz of Citizens for Sound Money will speak about the bills currently up in Missouri. The next few weeks will be important.

Listen live at the link HERE.

Friday, April 26, 2024

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Resist the handouts--there's a chain at the end

From: Americans for Prosperity

 By Gretchen Garrity

School Choice is a misnomer that has been widely shared in the press by advocates—who often work for conservative-ish organizations like Americans for Prosperity, the American Federation for Children, Heritage Action, and the Herzog Foundation. All of these groups advocate for SOME things that conservatives like, but in the background are often proponents of globalist goals that align with UNESCO, the WEF, as well as with government bureaucrats in departments like the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

Some of them are in it for the tax breaks, as well as the malleable, submissive work force they desire for the future. You see their public philanthropic face, but there’s another face you don’t see. Corey A. DeAngelis is perhaps the most recognizable face of the School Choice movement. DeAngelis has recently been exposed as an “expert” at UNESCO’s Inclusive Policy Lab. Although his connection with UNESCO seems to have been scrubbed from their website, Local’s Substack has the information on DeAngelis, as well as this image:

From: Local's Substack

If you’ve ever wondered why schools are implementing SEL and DEI, and CRT—it’s because these divisive agendas actually program our children into ways of thinking and acting that are contrary to our values and culture. These companies, along with DESE, and UNESCO (as well as many, many others) are advocating hard for taking over and controlling education, including early childhood education. The younger the children they can get to, the easier it is to provide docile workers for the multinationals and others that interface with government.

People have been hearing slogans like “Fund students, not systems!” and “School Choice gives parents control of their children’s education!” Unfortunately, our Missouri Legislature just passed SB727, a “school choice” bill that began as a 12-page bill with just four new sections pertaining to educational scholarships, and ended up 167 pages with 44 new sections about elementary and secondary education.

Contrary to what you will hear from those in our legislature who voted for the bill, SB727 does not give parents much choice in how school is done. It does not give all Missouri children a chance to escape failing schools. It is not a true private scholarship program as its proponents want to tell you. It does not protect home school families.

I’ve read the bill. All 167 pages. It’s a turgid mess. Here are a few of the problems with SB727:

--It includes a possible Second Amendment violation by defining a home school as a “school” for the purposes of state law. Read about it HERE.

--According to Missouri First’s Ron Calzone: “This scheme is unconstitutional because it uses tax credits. Yes, senators who supported SB 727 violated their oath of office to “support” the Missouri Constitution.

SB 727 violates:

  • Article III, Section 36 of the Missouri Constitution, because it has the effect of “divert[ing]” money from the treasury independent of the appropriation process.

  • Article III, Section 38(a) of the Missouri Constitution, which states that “The general assembly shall have no power to grant public money or property, or lend or authorize the lending of public credit, to any private person, association or corporation…”

  • Article III, Section 39(5) of the Missouri Constitution because it has the effect of “releas[ing] or extinguish[ing]... without consideration... the indebtedness, liability or obligation of... [a] corporation or individual”.

  • Article III, Sections 21 and 23 because the purpose of the bill was changed through amendments, and the final title violates the clear title requirement.”

--School choice is a farce. The presence of DESE in SB727 is a FEATURE and not a bug. As the grassroots activists Shield Maidens said of the bill, Look up the word "Department" which also means DESE. The "DEPARTMENT" when referencing DESE is used well over 125 times. Read that again…this bill notes the State Department of Education over 125 times. That is NOT getting the government out of our schools.”

--Every private school, FPE (Family Paced Education), charter school, and home school who applies for student tuition scholarships in the program will be subject to oversight by DESE. That may include curriculum (depending on which "choice" is made), testing, and teacher certification. 

DESE--leading local public schools into the Hell Mouth of SEL, DEI and CRT, as well as abysmal academic scores--is going to be given millions of additional taxpayer dollars in order to implement more control through “school choice.”

--A small percentage of Missouri students will have access to the program, even with its expansion. The expansion allows donors to receive more tax write-offs, and to begin to bring private and home schools under government control. The globalists have seen the writing on the wall, and they are going to claw back every student lost in recent years, and more.

--The hierarchy of who benefits from the scholarships include students already in the program and their siblings; students with disabilities who have an IEP; economically-disadvantaged students; students with poor or no English language skills (see pages 4-6 of the bill). Regular tax-paying folks are last in line.

--Most Missouri taxpayers with students will have their tax dollars redistributed to others without getting any benefit at all. The funding of SB727’s provisions are estimated to cost up to hundreds of millions of dollars. Everyone’s taxes will have to go up to fund the expansion. But never fear, donor organizations to the scholarship program will receive tax credits for dollars donated (see page 2-3 of the bill).

Below is an interview by Robb Carter with Patrick Holland of the Missouri FreedomInitiative. They talk about SB727, beginning at the one-hour mark. Patrick does a great job explaining problems with the bill, as well as why legislators passed the bill despite widespread opposition from both grassroots conservatives and public school proponents. It’s not pretty.

 Tonight at 6 p.m., lobbyist Camellia Peterson of Americans for Prosperity will be speaking at the Ozark VFW. Providing a free dinner for attendees (you have to sign up HERE. I tried a couple times, but the form just cleared every time I hit "submit"). She will be sharing the AFP viewpoint of educational choice, which says in part, “Families deserve true educational freedom that restores their role as the primary decision-makers in their children’s education.”

Here are the priorities for education that AFP supports: