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Tyler Bowyer (AZ) Stands Up for Missouri Grassroots


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The Missouri Cure


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By Gretchen Garrity

A pointed and well-referenced amicus brief has been submitted to the RNC Committee on Contests in support of the July 5, 2024 Coby Cullin Appeal. The appeal and supporting amicus brief are in response to a recommendation from the RNC that vacated the duly-elected slate of delegates and alternates to the national convention, which begins July 15. Link to the Amicus Brief HERE.

Read about the challenges to the grassroots slate of delegates in The Gateway Pundit article “Missouri Republican Party in Turmoil: Grassroots Delegates Challenge Corrupt Committee Decisions,” which includes a copy of the Cullin appeal, as well as background information.

Submitted by a group of mostly state delegates who attended the 2024 Missouri GOP convention, the brief asserts the Derrick Good and Daniel O’Sullivan challenges to the duly-elected slate of delegates should have been disqualified and dismissed, and the original slate retained. While the brief acknowledges the “incredible shortcomings of the State Chair and the MRSC to execute the state convention in a timely and organized manner, we contend that the issues with credentialing were CURED prior to the vote on the Credentials Report.”



Derrick R. Good
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The brief wastes no time getting to key issues regarding the challenges and RNC response. On page 2 of the brief, number 10 states, “We request that the Challenge submitted by Contestant Derrick Good be disqualified without consideration. We contend that Good has a serious conflict of interest which was omitted from his challenge, and he misrepresented incidents about the convention. If Good had not omitted the conflict of interest or made misrepresentations, we believe that the Committee would have either disqualified Good’s challenge on their own or, at the least, come to a different conclusion.”

The brief goes on to reveal that Derrick Good, an attorney from Congressional District 3, provides legal counsel to the Missouri Republican State Committee (MSRC). According to the brief, Good’s challenge omitted mention of his relationship with the MSRC, and was submitted as if he was “just any” delegate. It notes he used his home address in the submitted challenge, but “On the other hand, the copies of the challenge that Good sent via email to the Delegates and Alternates were sent via his law firm email account, giving the impression to a layperson who is unfamiliar with legal documents that they might be subjected to lawfare...”


The amicus brief goes on to note another omission by Attorney Good. “Also omitted by Good in his challenge is information about his role, as legal counsel, in drafting the very rules which caused the conflict between the standing rules and the convention rules on delegate slates. The conflicting rules were subsequently addressed by the Missouri Republican Party Rules Committee on the afternoon of April 26, 2024, leaving a mere 5 business days for review and analysis by delegates and others.”

At the April 26 meeting of the state rules committee, a motion was passed that stated, “The Rules Committee met to clarify the convention Rules and Standing rules that the Missouri Republican Party Chairman has a slate of 16 delegates and 16 alternates that will be named by the State Party Chairman, and additionally, there will be a slate of 11 delegates and 11 alternates. Once both slates are approved that will make the complete slate of 27 delegates and 27 alternates that will be voted on by the convention.”

Oddly, this motion did not reconcile the issues with the Standing Rules and the Rules of Convention. It took three parliamentarians at the state convention to come to a “concurrence” on them. The Standing Rules state, “To be considered full and complete, a proposed slate must include 27 names for At-large Delegates and 27 names for At-large Alternates.”

Yet, the amendment passed in the April meeting allows the state chairman (currently Nick Myers) to choose a slate of 16 with a slate of only 11 to be elected by convention delegates. This smacks of the selling of delegate seats, a common but unethical practice in many state parties that suppresses the ability of voters to choose who represents them at the national convention.


The amicus brief continues its focus on Derrick Good by noting he is a member of the National Trial Lawyers Association with a ranking in the Top 100. “That makes Good’s representations about the lunch break, the venue doors being locked, and delegates/alternates being turned away very perplexing.” The brief notes the lack of cross-examination in Good’s account by the providing its own cross-examination:

1) Which Convention Chair gave the instructions (the temporary or the permanent Chair)?

2) Did the volunteers know the actual Chair at that time instructions were given to lock the doors?

3) Which volunteers spoke with Good?

4) Since the newly-elected Permanent Chair, Sophia Shore, did not leave the main room, from whom/where did the volunteers get instructions?

5) Good admits he was not locked out, and fails to collect the names of any delegates who “walked away.”

6) Who was the point of contact for the venue, and how did it come about that the staff were instructed to lock the doors?

And finally, the single affidavit Good submitted is written by Aliana Good, who is believed to be his daughter!


The brief begins the wrap up of the section pertaining to Good with a summation:

1) The original rules allowed for delegates and alternates to be elected at the 2024 state convention.

2) The state committee submits a “clarification” that allows the state chair to choose 16 of the 27 delegates and 16 alternates to the national convention.

3) Because of the conflict and subsequent resolution of the rules, the state chair’s slate of 16/16 is given back to the convention delegates to elect.

Here is the kicker, “But some promises might have already been made for delegate seats, perhaps some money changed hands. Who would you turn to for help? Your lawyer? Perhaps the same lawyer who drafted the very rules that caused the conflict?”

Further, the brief states, “We contend that there are arguments and details in Good’s challenge that would not be available to him, except in his role as legal counsel for MRSC.” It notes that the MRSC, in some instances, has declined to share information with committeemen and women but “Good obtained some very specific details for his challenge that could have only come from the MRSC.”

Finally, the amicus brief states, “The foregoing leaves us with no other conclusion than that Good’s challenge is actually submitted on behalf of the MRSC and should be disqualified without consideration.”


Noting that Daniel O’Sullivan’s challenge is based entirely on the claim “that ALL business transacted at the State Convention was invalid because the seated body was not properly credentialed,” the brief seeks to have it dismissed through the evidence it presents that the credentialing issues were CURED and the Credentials Report approved.


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 The amicus brief next addresses several issues pertaining to National Committeewoman Carrie Almond, including statements in a letter she read to the Missouri Federation of Republican Women.

It must be noted that Almond is a member of the RNC Committee on Contests, the same committee that vacated the grassroots-elected delegates and alternates. She is also on the RNC committees for Arrangements, Faith Engagements, and Grassroots.

Almond made inappropriate public comments and “even a threat against the delegates to the State Convention.” Almond stated ,Firing the so-called establishment will have consequences,” as well as reportedly telling different groups that the RNC would overturn the convention.

At the state convention during her nomination speech, Almond named all four committees she serves on; but the next month when she spoke to the MRSC she omitted mentioning she serves on the Committee on Contests.

In the Cullin appeal to the RNC’s report, submitted on July 5, 2024, it is noted that, “We have reason to believe that she did recuse herself from the vote, but has failed to recuse herself from the discussion about this contest.”

The Cullin appeal further states “We believe allowing Ms. Almond to discuss this case with anyone on the committee is a breach of ethics. It would be practically impossible for the respondents to receive a fair hearing when someone on the inside was speaking against us.”


The 53-page brief includes numerous footnotes and references to video and other evidence, as well as affidavits from nine individuals well known in local, state, and even national politics. It concludes with the following requests to the Committee on Contests: withdraw the June 28, 2024 report; disqualify the challenge of attorney/delegate Derrick Good; dismiss the challenge of Daniel O’Sullivan; and remove Carrie Almond from the RNC Committee on Contests.

Further, it states if the requests are not honored, “...then we consider this matter open for as long as needed, and we will be pursuing all legal recourses available to us.”

Click on image for clarity


Now that the RNC and the Missouri GOP have destroyed their credibility with millions of Missourians and beyond, it would behoove them to walk back their actions and reinstate the original slate of 27 grassroots-elected delegates and 27 alternates. Those directly involved in the debacle: Nick Myers, Carrie Almond, Derrick Good, Daniel O’Sullivan, et al, should reflect on their actions, take humble and appropriate action to rectify them, and get out of the way of the Grassroots.

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The Truth is Marching On: Exposing Missouri Politics

 By Gretchen Garrity

 A major scandal has been brewing in the Missouri Republican Party that may have repercussions on the national level. After the Missouri GOP establishment's preferred platform and slate was overturned at the May 4, 2024 MOGOP convention, the dirty tricks began almost immediately to defeat the will of the people.

Desperate people do desperate things.

Background HERE and HERE and HERE

And information HERE on the challenges to the duly-elected slate of delegates.

Not only did the MOGOP establishment--through gross incompetence and/or machinations--cause the convention to close without a 2024 platform, but establishment challenges to the grassroots slate were mounted quickly and submitted to the RNC Committee on Contests. The RNC obliged by recommending the slate of grassroots-elected delegates be vacated.

RNC Committee on Contests Chairwoman, Jeanne Luckey, released a report and recommendation on June 28, 2024. According to the Committee on Contests, "As a result of the improper credentialing process at the State Convention, the Committee recommends vacating the at-large delegates and alternate delegates from Missouri. The Committee recommends that pursuant to RNC Rule No. 18, the vacant delegate and alternate delegate positions be filled by the MOGOP by 5:00 p.m. EDT on July 5. The Committee urges the MOGOP to meet as soon as possible to resolve this issue and to work towards unity."

This recommendation has caused the very division it supposedly recommends against. In fact, the deceit and bad faith with which the state GOP committee has acted, is causing an avalanche of information to be shared among the Missouri Grassroots.

As a result of the recommendation, the MOGOP has removed the slate of delegates and alternates that were elected at the state convention and are attempting to cobble together a new slate of delegates to attend the 2024 national convention. Another challenge was mounted against the other elected positions, including the electors, and they have also been vacated. In effect, this move by the state organization has disenfranchised the citizens who elected their delegates at district conventions around the state.

Click on the tweet to see video of the grassroots slate being unanimously approved by convention delegates:

Below is a link to a short video of state GOP Chairman, Nick Myers, admitting the state committee was at fault in the credentialing process, a process that was used by the RNC and the MOGOP to invalidate the grassroots slate:

MOGOP Chair Admits Credentialing Errors

Additionally, the RNC report asserts that "there exists no accurate roll of the credentialed delegates and alternate delegates at the state convention." Indeed, Leann Green, chair of the credentials committee for the state convention even signed a sworn affidavit that the committee cannot show an accurate roll of credentialed members of the May 4 convention.

However, in its Response Statement of Position, the Missouri Delegation states, "The Missouri State Committee created a problem with a credentials debacle, locking some delegates out and submitting contradictory rules for the selection of Delegates and Alternates to the National Convention...The credentials debacle was ultimately settled to the satisfaction of the state convention delegates who were physically present at the state convention...There are NO delegates who claim to have remained outside after the lunch break. ALL were ultimately allowed back into the building."

That the very committee who caused the issues would benefit from their own mistakes is unconscionable.


Missouri delegates mounted a cogent defense of the validity of the election of delegates to the national convention, partly using the Doctrine of Clean Hands: "The doctrine requires that a party act fairly in the matter for which they seek a remedy. A party who has violated an equitable principle, such as good faith, is described as having "unclean hands.” The clean-hands doctrine is invoked when a party seeking equitable relief or claiming a defense based in equity has themselves violated a duty of good faith or has acted unconscionably in connection with the same subject matter out of which they claim a right to relief."

That the credentialing process was delayed and problematic was the fault of the MOGOP, not Chairwoman Sophia Shore or the convention delegates. The state committee has tried to hide their culpability by having delegates, Derrick Good and Daniel O'Sullivan (who both ran unsuccessfully), mount challenges to the grassroots slate of delegates, and indeed the convention in total.

In a June 24 affidavit, Chairwoman Shore relates, "I was elected by a vote of 465 to 365...After the election of a permanent secretary, the next order of business was the adoption of the rules package."

The rules package was adopted by the convention delegates after striking two sections that conflicted with the Standing Rules, "which stated that a full slate had to be 27 delegates, and these delegates would be selected by election of a majority."

Further she states, "The second part of this rule change occurred in order to ensure that everyone who wanted to submit a delegate slate that day could do so. Regarding the election of delegates, GOP Chairman Nick Myers had ample time to combine his two slates--his slate of 16 and his slate of 11."

The Nominating Committee Chair, Chris Howard "ultimately was the one who had the power to decide which slates were valid." No slates were turned in to the convention chair, and Miles Ross, the Executive Director of the MOGOP, approached Shore and pulled Nick Myers' slate.

Shore states "Nick wasn't disenfranchised, he just knew he didn't have the majority and wanted to spare himself the embarrassment." She closes with the assertion that she did not make any unilateral decisions. "I did not have the authority to make unilateral decisions as the permanent chair of the convention. The majority of the delegation body made the decisions, as it should be...Attempts to disenfranchise the will of the delegation should not be entertained."

How ironic that the MOGOP, in collusion with the RNC, have now disenfranchised Missouri citizens who sent their delegate representatives to the convention in good faith.


On its face, it is clear the MOGOP was blindsided by the tidal wave of grassroots delegates who voted to overturn the proposed platform and slate the state committee had tried to impose. The dirty tricks since the convention have ranged from closed meetings that do not promote transparency or unity, threats to have delegates removed from meetings if they speak out, outright lies, and more.

The MAGA movement, headed by President Donald Trump, has been a thorn in the side of the GOP establishment. By any means necessary they seem willing to destroy their credibility to accomplish the goal of excising MAGA from the party.

In an article published in The Miami Independent, titled "The RNC's Apparent Plot Against Trump Thickens," the question is asked, "Yesterday - TWO MONTHS AFTER THE MISSOURI DELEGATES WERE CHOSEN - the Republican National Convention Committee ruled that there had been “alarming irregularities” in the process of their election. Why weren’t these “alarming irregularities” discovered months ago?? Why not, when the state had a chance to fix whatever was deemed wrong?

The article notes, "The list of rejected delegates includes two of the major GOP candidates for governor, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and state Sen. Bill Eigel."

The article further states, "In general, the stench of undercover acts to throw the nomination away from Donald Trump, is becoming undeniable. This stinks because Donald Trump is the people’s choice, nationwide. That’s how it used to work.

This is horrifying because these state party maneuvers are being done in support of the brain dead old man and his Junta leader, Obama, who have demonstrated their contempt for us and our freedom, for years.

Mao is rearing his ugly head for all to see."

The corruption and cronyism in Missouri politics is being exposed, and it often includes actors on the national level who work with convenient state-level tools to make things happen. The members of the state GOP who embarked on this usurpation of duly-elected delegates will go down in the history of our state as scurrilous scoundrels who betrayed everything the Republic has stood for since our first Independence Day. May they be roundly condemned and quickly forgotten.

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Missouri Liberty Radio live at 6 p.m.

 Off the Cuff with Sam Britton

David Rice of Hick Christian will be a guest on Sam Britton's "Off the Cuff" show tonight. He's up at the six o'clock hour. Two great interviewers on one show!

Listen live HERE.

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This is the GOP Establishment

You all might remember Republican Central Committee for Christian County committeewoman, Sandy Karnes. She's the gal who sent out a message to volunteers that cars were going to be towed at the GOP convention in Springfield, a message that helped end the convention without a 2024 platform. I wrote about it HERE, and David Rice also covered it HERE.

The very same Sandy Karnes was recently filmed running behind a Bill Eigel campaign worker who was handing out campaign literature at a parade in Willard. Karnes is an Ashcroft supporter. Her husband, Jack, also attached his name to a recent challenge to the grassroots' elected slate for the RNC convention, HERE.

Establishment. This is what they do. 

The Shield Maidens covered it. From the Maidens: "As Jay Ashcroft’s campaign is bleeding support, this volunteer for his campaign named Sandy Karnes chased around an Eigel staffer during a parade in Willard in an attempt to undermine his efforts. THIS is what the establishment does… bully and try to intimidate." There's video at the link:


Staffer for Bill Eigel was bullied during a parade in Willard by an Ashcroft campaign volunteer..

Read on Substack

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Disrupting Business as Usual

Eigel speaks with citizens

By Gretchen Garrity

Sen. Bill Eigel's grassroots supporters welcomed the candidate for Missouri governor at a round table luncheon in Springfield today. Eigel shared his thoughts about his run for governor, as well as answering questions from the audience.

Eigel is confident as the August 6 primary gets closer. He noted that two years ago a poll had Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft polling at 57%. "That's more than an incumbent would be polling at," he said. Further he stated, "There have been six polls since the beginning of June and each of those polls reflected a loss in support for Ashcroft. He's lost two-thirds of his support from where he started."

Eigel said the polls reflect that the other candidates are not talking about getting rid of the personal property tax, or defending Missouri farmland from being purchased by foreign countries, or deporting illegals, or stopping federal funds that put requirements like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, or Critical Race Theory, or gender ideology in the schools.
Round Table Luncheon

"[People] are looking for something else," Eigel said. He mentioned that candidate Mike Kehoe has spent $6 million "trying to convince folks that he's not the same used car salesman that he's been for the past 30 years, that he's not the liberal that supported the gas tax increase, that supported adding exceptions for abortion to Missouri's heartbeat bill--that he's not that guy."

Kehoe has barely gone up in the polls at all, Eigel said. "He's gained two points from where he started in that first poll two years ago for the $6 million that he's spent."

Further, Eigel cited the latest poll (from a "Chamber of Commerce type" group he said) showing an extremely close three-way race, with about half of Republicans undecided at this point. Despite the name ID of Ashcroft and the special interest money from his other opponent "half of Republicans remain unconvinced that that's enough to secure their vote."

"You know what they're looking for? They're looking for a 'disrupter'. They're looking for a Donald J. Trump at the state level whose actually a little bit of a mixture--maybe a little bit of Donald J. Trump and a little bit of Ronald Reagan, right? Because not only are we are gonna disrupt the swamp but we're going to implement policies that I know you want and have been asking for the last two years on the first Tuesday in November."

Eigel said the difference this year is that voters know him from his eight years as a state senator. He noted his fight for a gold and silver bill, the fight to cut the personal property tax, cutting income taxes, defending the sovereignty of Missouri, and protecting children.

Finishing up, Eigel said the special interests "belong the hell outta Missouri." He received several rounds of applause. Supporters then asked a couple questions of Sen. Eigel, including about food freedom (he's for it and supported an informed consent bill for when genetic material is being introduced into beef. He supports direct to consumer farming, noting he and his wife order their food directly from a local supplier.

With Patrick Holland of Missouri Freedom Initiative
Another supporter asked the senator's view on any future medical/health coercion from government in Missouri. He said, "I don't believe we should be forced to be part of any medical experiment." He opposes forced vaccines and masking. Eigel noted he had been part of a group of legislators that approached Gov. Parson to hold a special session to make it illegal for workers to lose their job if they refused a shot. He also noted that Gov. Parson did nothing. He further stated that a few "well-placed" executive orders from the governor could have avoided the Covid disaster.

He also stated he recognizes no authority from organizations like the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization. "I don't recognize any authority from the CDC to tell us how to live our lives, either," he said. Eigel went on to say that he will stop the flow of federal dollars to Missouri that has contributed to a loss of state soverignty. He said neither Kehoe or Ashcroft would say that. He said he's been attacked for eight years for speaking bluntly.
When asked about the problem of pornography in the schools, Eigel had a simple solution. Enforce the laws already on the books. "How does it happen that pornography is being allowed? It is a state crime for pornography to be in our libraries. It is a state crime for pornography to be in our schools...we're lacking action by elected officials."

With Val Swearingen of WTPCC

Jodi Grace, a podcaster who works with the campaign, spoke to the group. "The lobbyists literally hate this man. Every single one of them...The bureacrats in Jefferson City, the lobbyists in Jefferson City hate this man...They hate him because he's not putting up with their crap and he's not taking their money." Grace went on to say he had "stopped at least 29 pieces of legislation this session--lobbyist's the crap that robs you of your freedoms. No one will ever tell you that. You won't see it in any article."
Sen. Eigel stayed after the luncheon to speak with supporters one-on-one.  On Tuesday, July 2, Sen. Eigel will be back in Springfield for a campaign event, the Family Freedom Fest. The public is invited and the event is free, but do register to attend.

Event Flyer