Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Getting the Silver and Gold Bill Over the Line

 Off The Cuff with Sam Britton

Go HERE to listen to Sunday's Missouri Liberty Radio show "Off the Cuff" with Sam Britton. Guests included Patrick Holland of the Missouri Freedom Initiative and Daniel Diaz of Citizens for Sound Money.

Some of the show notes:

"In the second hour of the show, we spent some time playing some audio from the HighWire show that we air earlier in the afternoon.

We need some cautious optimism once in a while, and it came from that show.
Here is the link to that show, and you can hear everything that we played in the first 30 minutes, as well as the rest of what was covered during that broadcast: 

In the second hour Daniel Diaz with Citizens for Sound Money was with us during all of the second hour, as well as most of the third hour. We covered the latest on sound money legislation here in Missouri, as well as different places you can go to online, to get started building your wealth in gold and silver."


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