Monday, May 6, 2024

The 2024 State Republican Convention--Earthquake!

By Gretchen Garrity

                                 "The establishment did this to you." -- Stacy Shore (Shield Maidens)
Saturday's Missouri State GOP Convention experienced a grassroots earthquake. Despite the GOP establishment's attempt to control the convention and the outcome, the delegates were having none of it. For a great and detailed explanation of what happened go HERE. The last several minutes are very important because it gets to the bottom of why the corruption is so endemic in Jefferson City.
"Tricky Nicky" Myers, temporary chair

 Aside from the attempt to have the Missouri grassroots accept the establishment slate; aside from the foot-dragging for hours in order to whip votes to get the establishment pick voted in as the convention chairman; aside from the GOP sending the delegates last-minute texts urging them to vote for the establishment slate; aside from a letter sent by Rep. Eric Burlison urging delegates to approve the establishment slate; aside from state Rep. Ben Baker calling for a secret ballot, the grassroots delegates rose up and overturned the machinations.

The Republican establishment--the same officials, lobbyists, and toadies--knew there was a revolt afoot. Something must be done, apparently.

The establishment failed spectacularly.

 Watch Joe Hoft interview Kristen Haftarcyzk, who was one of the 


grassroots delegates. This is a great run down of what happened. Watch HERE. Hoft also covered the convention HERE. Additionally, the establishment Republicans and their lobbyists have been having spasms on Twitter. See here and here--it's always the grassroots that are horrible and bad and unchristian and graceless, and whatever else they can think of to insult the great unwashed masses.

Remember these state representatives: Dan Stacy and Ben Baker. They are Exhibits A and B of how the establishment Republicans don't work for the People, but for other interests. Watch the interview to see why these two men ended the evening with fist-bumps and hugs.

"People got to see the corruption with their own eyes. And I think it changed some people." -- Stacy Shore
Briefly, Missouri politics involves the following:
  • Legislating through the budget (which has almost doubled in the last five years)
  • Pork Projects
  • Political Favors
  • Tax Credits (can you say SB727)?
  • MOBucks
  • Donations to superpacs
  • Buying our elections

 "Who do these people work for? I guess the lobbyists." --Joe Hoft with Kristen Haftarczyk
Watching the story unfold has been a blast. And, it's just getting started.

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