Sunday, May 26, 2024

The Benevolent Missouri Dictator Aligns with the WHO

"These outside forces use our political structure, corrupting our political leaders to destroy our economy and take away our natural rights." -- David Rice

This is an important article (which is getting attention outside Christian County) that tells the story of how Gov. Parson is allowing a One Health laboratory to be built in Missouri. Horrors will emerge from this lab eventually.

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 Rice spares no feelings, nor should he:

"Our benevolent and wise dictator Parson and his supermajority Republican politburo have decided that we’re not worth protecting. Parson already demonstrated his lack of care throughout his administration, and every voter who said, “He’s a nice guy. We shouldn’t criticize one of our own,” might as well have been wearing a Red Flag on their lapel."

Republicans in Missouri must wake up now. Read the ARTICLE. Then pay attention to who is running for governor in the August primaries. Another swamp creature will be catastrophic.

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