Thursday, June 27, 2024

Disrupting Business as Usual

Eigel speaks with citizens

By Gretchen Garrity

Sen. Bill Eigel's grassroots supporters welcomed the candidate for Missouri governor at a round table luncheon in Springfield today. Eigel shared his thoughts about his run for governor, as well as answering questions from the audience.

Eigel is confident as the August 6 primary gets closer. He noted that two years ago a poll had Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft polling at 57%. "That's more than an incumbent would be polling at," he said. Further he stated, "There have been six polls since the beginning of June and each of those polls reflected a loss in support for Ashcroft. He's lost two-thirds of his support from where he started."

Eigel said the polls reflect that the other candidates are not talking about getting rid of the personal property tax, or defending Missouri farmland from being purchased by foreign countries, or deporting illegals, or stopping federal funds that put requirements like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, or Critical Race Theory, or gender ideology in the schools.
Round Table Luncheon

"[People] are looking for something else," Eigel said. He mentioned that candidate Mike Kehoe has spent $6 million "trying to convince folks that he's not the same used car salesman that he's been for the past 30 years, that he's not the liberal that supported the gas tax increase, that supported adding exceptions for abortion to Missouri's heartbeat bill--that he's not that guy."

Kehoe has barely gone up in the polls at all, Eigel said. "He's gained two points from where he started in that first poll two years ago for the $6 million that he's spent."

Further, Eigel cited the latest poll (from a "Chamber of Commerce type" group he said) showing an extremely close three-way race, with about half of Republicans undecided at this point. Despite the name ID of Ashcroft and the special interest money from his other opponent "half of Republicans remain unconvinced that that's enough to secure their vote."

"You know what they're looking for? They're looking for a 'disrupter'. They're looking for a Donald J. Trump at the state level whose actually a little bit of a mixture--maybe a little bit of Donald J. Trump and a little bit of Ronald Reagan, right? Because not only are we are gonna disrupt the swamp but we're going to implement policies that I know you want and have been asking for the last two years on the first Tuesday in November."

Eigel said the difference this year is that voters know him from his eight years as a state senator. He noted his fight for a gold and silver bill, the fight to cut the personal property tax, cutting income taxes, defending the sovereignty of Missouri, and protecting children.

Finishing up, Eigel said the special interests "belong the hell outta Missouri." He received several rounds of applause. Supporters then asked a couple questions of Sen. Eigel, including about food freedom (he's for it and supported an informed consent bill for when genetic material is being introduced into beef. He supports direct to consumer farming, noting he and his wife order their food directly from a local supplier.

With Patrick Holland of Missouri Freedom Initiative
Another supporter asked the senator's view on any future medical/health coercion from government in Missouri. He said, "I don't believe we should be forced to be part of any medical experiment." He opposes forced vaccines and masking. Eigel noted he had been part of a group of legislators that approached Gov. Parson to hold a special session to make it illegal for workers to lose their job if they refused a shot. He also noted that Gov. Parson did nothing. He further stated that a few "well-placed" executive orders from the governor could have avoided the Covid disaster.

He also stated he recognizes no authority from organizations like the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization. "I don't recognize any authority from the CDC to tell us how to live our lives, either," he said. Eigel went on to say that he will stop the flow of federal dollars to Missouri that has contributed to a loss of state soverignty. He said neither Kehoe or Ashcroft would say that. He said he's been attacked for eight years for speaking bluntly.
When asked about the problem of pornography in the schools, Eigel had a simple solution. Enforce the laws already on the books. "How does it happen that pornography is being allowed? It is a state crime for pornography to be in our libraries. It is a state crime for pornography to be in our schools...we're lacking action by elected officials."

With Val Swearingen of WTPCC

Jodi Grace, a podcaster who works with the campaign, spoke to the group. "The lobbyists literally hate this man. Every single one of them...The bureacrats in Jefferson City, the lobbyists in Jefferson City hate this man...They hate him because he's not putting up with their crap and he's not taking their money." Grace went on to say he had "stopped at least 29 pieces of legislation this session--lobbyist's the crap that robs you of your freedoms. No one will ever tell you that. You won't see it in any article."
Sen. Eigel stayed after the luncheon to speak with supporters one-on-one.  On Tuesday, July 2, Sen. Eigel will be back in Springfield for a campaign event, the Family Freedom Fest. The public is invited and the event is free, but do register to attend.

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  1. Bill Eigel is definitely not the status quo. Missouri needs a bold conservative leader who will make our state an example for others to follow. Bill Eigel has proven that he has backbone and is not afraid to stand against the political machine. Most people don’t understand that Missouri has its own version of the swamp in Jefferson City and it’s filled with politicians who play games at the expense of the voters who elect them. If you like Trump’s pushback on the establishment, you’ll love Bill Eigel for Missouri! Let’s go Missouri!!!